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Bunny and Shadow

Bunny does not have dog or cat neither bird nor hamster. So he takes his Shadow for a walk.
Shadow is comfortable, light, flexible, not loud, he does not disappear, doesn’t sink or get burned, doesn’t get lost in fog. You can’t give it away or borrow. You can’t leave it as deposit. He survives car crashes and winter very well.
He always remembers your name and even strong wind can’t blow him away.

Shadow does not like to be pictured, as most of the time he does not look good in pictures and most of the time he is cut out.
Bunny has Shadow and everyone has Shadows, but it’s still not clear if each Shadow has his own Thing. If Thing is a piece of art - shadow is not always called as art. But it is polite to say: “Sir, you have such a nice Shadow”
If you can’t see your Shadow, it means that there is no light, or…You.

By A. MAx

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  1.   dilaila rašo:

    Tavo šešėlis tai įrodymas, kad šviesa praskriejo 150 milijonų kilometrų atstumą ir nepasiekė Žemės paviršiaus likus mažiau nei dviems metrams ir tik per tave, mulki. :)

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