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coffee black


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Bunny and Women


Bunny sees many women around him. But there is a one Woman.
It’s not the one you see on magazine covers or TV screen. She doesn’t know how to give a fake smile while walking on high heels and brand names on her accessories.
She let wind to play with her hair and it doesn’t matter what color or length they are.
She is not for everyone eyes. She gives pleasure to watch only for those eyes she chooses.
She wears a lot of big rings even secretly she dreams about a little ring for a lifetime.
She is beautiful in the morning even it’s not a beautiful morning. She will do everything to make it beautiful.
A Woman which makes you do things you thought you can’t do without her knowing about it.
She talks and even you don’t get what she want to say you still like to listen her. Voice. Body. A women smell who makes you come down and believe she is magical.
Women you can’t forget. Bunny either.

by ML.P

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I see you raining around


leafs leaves trees.
as it should be.
you left me.
as it has to be.
everything happens according to the rules.
as it must be.
naked me like a tree.
how can it be.

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trečias vasaros mėnuo


trečias vasaros mėnuo . septyniolikta diena . juoda žvaigždė . orbitom žydi.

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The Other Women


Nina Simone “The Other Woman

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Bunny‘s dilemma: Measuring A Year.


How to measure a year..?

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Pray for her Budha/Breezeblocks



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Something good…?


Matador, you moaning: “oh something good”..
But Matador, your blood sport will leave dead emptiness inside you.
Oh nothing good, Matador.
There are just shouting dust and blood shadows in your memories after fight. You won? Bull is dead.. But you both lost.. In blood fights there are no Winners and Losers.
Nothing good will happened with both of you tonight..

Alt - J “Something good”

“…Twenty - one thousand seats bleats
And roars for my memories of you…”

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