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wave to wave

2018-06-05 parašė triuseliai

you are my wave.

so close and so far. coming and leaving.

each full moon water level rise on my land.

so high that even tiers rises up from eyes.

Bunny can’t get wet. either can not leave shore.

wave to wave..

Labrinth - Jealous

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497 days

2018-02-19 parašė triuseliai

497 days. Time to stop counting. They say.

It’s a wonderful life. They say.

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To the moon…and back?

2017-09-10 parašė triuseliai

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Love Is A Bitch

2017-08-31 parašė triuseliai

Two Feet - Love Is A Bitch

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“what if”

2017-05-01 parašė triuseliai

Dear bunny

I wanted to write this as a letter, but I was to scared. So I‘m writing it on sand, seashore. I don’t know how you feel,how is your life going, but whenever you feel sad, remember you changed someone’s life forever. You changed the way I feel about myself, about relationships, about carrots, about everything important in life. I don’t know if I ever find the strength to look in your eyes and say what you really meant to me, because I hurt you so much. I will never know if my decision was the right one,or not. I will always be thinking “what if”.

500 miles Joan Baez

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broken plate

2017-04-10 parašė triuseliai

broken plate is the thing you can’t fix, bunny.

you may glue it, try to repair it but still it will be broken plate.

I can’t believe you broke us. easy as we would be made of Japaneses porcelain.

now there are two broken plate sides on my table, two broken people in my future.

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fiction or reality. what are you trying to reach?

2017-02-20 parašė triuseliai

“Light”- says bunny.

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2017-02-13 parašė triuseliai

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coffee black

2016-11-28 parašė triuseliai

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Lost on you

2016-11-12 parašė triuseliai

Let’s raise a glass or two
To all the things I’ve lost on you
Tell me are they lost on you?


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