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“what if”

Dear bunny

I wanted to write this as a letter, but I was to scared. So I‘m writing it on sand, seashore. I don’t know how you feel,how is your life going, but whenever you feel sad, remember you changed someone’s life forever. You changed the way I feel about myself, about relationships, about carrots, about everything important in life. I don’t know if I ever find the strength to look in your eyes and say what you really meant to me, because I hurt you so much. I will never know if my decision was the right one,or not. I will always be thinking “what if”.

500 miles Joan Baez

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  1.   Him rašo:

    what if…

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  2.   triuseliai rašo:

    what if…bunny.. what If you can’t stop loving…even so hard you try…

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